Rimple, aged 6, ran away from Ashramshala a residential school at Gadi in Dharmpur, Gujarat to be with her parents. Her parents brought her back but Atul Adhyapika Chandanben had observed that, in spite of trying hard Rimple did not enter the class. Chandanben started talking to her and expressed her genuine interest in Rimple. She allowed Rimple to sit in the class without giving any instructions. After a few days, Rimple started interacting with Chandanben and paid attention to her studies. With thoughtful initiatives, Rimple is prepared for her future journey.

Hetal Bhisara, Atul Adhyapika from Bilpudi in Dharampur, Gujarat, observed that Rohan, a class 5 student was sitting ideal and not writing in class. When asked, Rohan told Hetalben that he does not have a pencil, but he has brought money to buy a pencil. During the class, Hetalben helped him to borrow a pencil from his classmate, she told Rohan to buy a pencil during recess time. During recess, Rohan visited the shop to buy a pencil, but instead of a pencil he bought a food item. When Hetalben came to know, she made him realise how his thoughtless action can harm him. He should never cheat his parents and teachers. Rohan has a teacher who shows him the right path and helps him to realise the importance of honesty.


‘I am very happy to be independent and support my family.’ – Priti

Priti Gamit is a resident of Bartad in Navsari, Gujarat. She had to discontinue her education after class 12 due to poor financial condition. Her friends informed her about the vocational courses run by AIVE. She enrolled herself in the course of Bedside assistance for six months. She acknowledges that she has learnt a lot about nursing and her confidence level has significantly improved. She is at present working as a nurse in a reputed hospital in Vapi.

‘I am hopeful about the future, as I am earning my own living, saving for my future and supporting my family’. – Hitesh

Hitesh Varde is a resident of Saputara in Ahwa, Gujarat. After failing in three subjects in class 12, he was depressed. He was worried about his future. His friend suggested him to visit AIVE. After getting information about all the courses, he enrolled himself in Housekeeping course. During training, he received exposure of the work done in different hotels and learned good housekeeping skills. After completing the course, he is working with a well-known hotel group at Surat.


‘Toilet means dignity and self-respect’. – Ambubhai Nayaka

Ambubhai Nayaka, an agriculture labourer lives in Binwada in Valsad, Gujarat. A year ago, Ambubhai fell down from a tree and injured his spine. This accident handicapped his ability to stand and walk. He is required to use a hearing aid as he is suffering from hearing loss. Amubhai`s wife Ushaben does labour work to support him and their mentally challenged son. Ambubhai is happy with the design and construction quality of the toilet built by AFT. According to him, the toilet is quite spacious and has made his life easy. Now no one has to carry him to the river bank to relive. Ambubhai can easily crawl to the toilet as it is now within his reach.

‘Having a toilet makes me free from worries of my aged mother-in-law and adolescent daughter’. – Ramilaben

Ramilaben Nayaka, a domestic worker, lives with her aged mother-in-law, husband, a son and a daughter in Anjlav, Valsad, Gujarat. Ramilaben`s husband Vishnubhai is a truck driver and her elder son and younger daughter study in class 10 and class 9 respectively. Ramilaben`s daughter Urvashi is very happy to have a toilet in their backyard as earlier she used to get scared to go alone to relive her. She had to choose dark hours in the early morning or evening. In day time, fear of being seen by someone would increase her anxiety. Now she does not have to worry even in monsoon as she has a toilet in her backyard!