The logo of Atul Foundation Trust (Atul Foundation) is a representation of the tree of life.

The tree symbolises the interconnection and metaphorical co-dependence of all aspects of life. It endeavours to convey that we do not exist for our own narrow objectives, but are part of the integrated ecosystem. We will make our own journey of life more meaningful if our way of living reflects a larger purpose.
सेवा परमो धर्म means service is the supreme duty. According to Vedas, which is a large body of religious texts of ancient India, we observe many roles, responsibilities and duties during our course of life, out of which seva (service) is the supreme dharma (duty | code of conduct). All religions and faiths teach us that service of fellow human beings is similar to service of God. The basic duty of any human being is to contribute meaningfully and render service for the betterment of fellow human beings in the society.