Atul Foundation 2016-17

Relief No Project Location Implementing agency Impact 1 Advanced treatment of cancer patients Karamsad and Goraj (Gujarat) Charutar Arogya Mandal and Muni Seva Ashram 33 cancer patients provided with advanced medical treatment 2 Blood units to thalassemia patients Valsad (Gujarat) Atul Rural Development Fund (ARDF) 63 thalassemia patients provided with 530 units of blood 3 Relief to flood victims Valsad (Gujarat) ARDF • 100 families provided with relief material • 4 houses repaired 4 Community marriages Valsad (Gujarat) Valsad Taluka Patel Samaj Pragati Mandal 115 marriages of underprivileged couples facilitated 5 Farm kits and fertilisers to farmers Haria (Gujarat) ARDF 40 farmers provided with farm kits free of cost and fertilisers at subsidised rates Nutrition supplements to children in Ranchi Annual Report 2016-17 | Atul Foundation