Atul Foundation 2016-17

Health No Project (Partner, if any) Location Implementing agency Impact 1 Individual household toilets 15 villages (Gujarat) Atul Rural Development Fund (ARDF) 2,092 families benefited with individual household toilets 2 Rural health (Valsad Raktdan Kendra; RNC Free Eye Hospital; Valsad Eye Care Hospital and Zenith Doctor House) 24 villages (Gujarat) ARDF • 2,203 units of blood collected through 22 camps • 3,103 eye patients identified, 2,551 of them provided with spectacles, 282 identified with cataract of which 129 were operated for cataract through 10 eye camps • 104 patients suffering from different ailments identified and treated 3 Medical diagnostic facility1 Atul (Gujarat) ARDF Access to advanced medical facilities to the population around Atul 1 Under implementation Individual household toilet in Atul 13