Atul Foundation 2021-22

30 Annual Report 2021-22 I Atul Foundation Auditor’s Report Under Sub-section (2) of Section 33 of the Gujarat Public Trusts Act, 1950 and Rule 19 of the Gujarat Public Trust Rules, 1951 Name of the public trust: Atul Foundation Trust Registration number: E | 2571 | Valsad district We have audited the accounts of the above named Trust for the period ended March 31, 2022 and to the best of our knowledge and belief and according to the information and explanation provided to us beg to report that : a) Whether accounts are maintained regularly and in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the Rules? Yes b) Whether receipts and disbursements are properly and correctly shown in the accounts? Yes c) Whether the cash balance and vouchers in the custody of theManager or a Trustee on the date of the audit were in agreement with the accounts? Yes d) Whether all books, deeds, accounts, vouchers or other documents or records required by the Auditor were produced before him? Yes e) Whether a register of movable and immovable properties is properly maintained, the changes therein are communicated from time to time to the regional office and the defects and inaccuracies mentioned in the previous audit reports have been duly complied with? Yes f) Whether the Manager or a Trustee or any other person required by the Audit to appear before himdid so and furnished the necessary information required by him? Yes g) Whether any property or funds of the Trust were applied for any object or purpose other than the object or purpose of the Trust? No h) The amount of the outstanding for more than one year and the amount written off, if any Nil i) Whether tenders were invited for repairs or construction involving expenditure exceeding ` 5,000? NA J) Whether anymoney of the public trust has been invested contrary to the provisions of Section 35? NA k) Alienations, if any, of the immovable property contrary to the provisions of Section 36 have come to the notice of the Auditor? NA l) Any special matter the Auditor may think fit or necessary to bring to the notice of the Deputy or Assistant Charity Commissioner? No For B R Shah & Associates Chartered Accountants Firm registration number: 129053W Deval Desai Ahmedabad Partner June 20, 2022 Membership number: 132426