Atul Foundation 2021-22

26 Annual Report 2021-22 I Atul Foundation Conservation: other projects No. Project Location Implementing agency Impact 01. Implementation of afforestation initiatives Atul (Gujarat ) Atul Ltd Planted 48,000 trees to preserve biodiversity 02. Establishment of solid waste management system in Atul village Atul (Gujarat ) AF | Saahas • Collected 259 tonnes of waste from which 196 tonnes have been recycled • Conducted awareness program with 11,000 people on responsible waste management practices 03. Implementation of natural resource management project Atul (Gujarat ) AF | BAIF Institute for Sustainable Livelihoods and Development (BISLD) Created 412 structures for conservation of soil and water at the Parnera hillock 04. Protection of animals Gujarat, New Delhi AF | Dhyan Foundation • Prepared and donated 50 beds from textile waste for stray animals • Provided rabies vaccine and reflective collars to 30 stray dogs • Provided food to 141 dogs • Provided fodder to cattle and rehabilitated rescued animals