Atul Foundation 2021-22

Contents One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature will not be broken. ~ Leo Tolstoy Legacy 01 Outreach 13 Identity 03 Operational highlights 14 Purpose and Values 03 Financial highlights 29 Chairperson’s foreword 04 Auditor’s Report 30 Organisation 05 Acknowledgements 36 Institutions 06 Make a difference 37 Footprint 12 Introduction to the programs 13 The logo of Atul Foundation Trust (Atul Foundation) is a representation of the tree of life. The tree symbolises the interconnection and metaphorical co-dependency of all aspects of life. It endeavours to convey that we do not exist for our own narrow objectives, but are part of the integrated ecosystem. We will make our own journey of life more meaningful if our way of living reflects a larger purpose. Management of natural resources is essential to achieve sustainable growth. The cover page shows a photograph of a team developing a gully plug as part of the natural resource management project. 412 structures to conserve soil and water are being built at Atul village to create a conducive ecosystem that will prevent soil erosion, increase water conservation and enhance green cover. The project is being implemented in collaboration with BAIF Institute for Sustainable Livelihoods and Development.