Atul Foundation 2020-21

4 Annual Report 2020-21 I Atul Foundation Chairperson’s foreword Dear All, The COVID-19 pandemic has become a challenge for humanity. The magnitude and unpredictability of the pandemic has tested the resilience of mankind like we had never imagined. It has affected the lives and livelihoods of people. Atul Foundation in its own small way stepped up its efforts to serve the community particularly in the remote parts of Gujarat. In the year 2020-21, three schools under Atul Foundation, namely, Kalyani Shala, Atul Vidyalaya and Atul Vidyamandir conducted online classes and Atul Adhyapikas took up faliya-based classes to engage the students productively through activity-based learning. The Foundation along with Atul Institute of Vocational Excellence provided training and support to 113 tribal youth, transforming them into micro-entrepreneurs and trained 793 youth, farmers and women, which helped them to find suitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities. The Foundation, in collaboration with BAIF Development Research Foundation, supported 1,120 tribal families to grow nutrition gardens, which met the need of quality food as well as supplementary income for these families. Under the Ankur project, the Foundation trained and supported 4,777 children to grow vegetable gardens in their backyards. The Foundation provided necessary medical equipment to three hospitals to treat the patients infected with COVID-19. It alsoworked towards creating awareness by educating 25,000 villagers about COVID-19 safety protocols. Masks and grocery kits were distributed to the needy and adequate support was rendered to migrants to reach their villages safely. The Foundation has developed seven model anganwadis, constructed a white-topping road, renovated toilets in schools and upgraded public amenities in nearby villages to improve the quality of life of the rural community. The Foundation established a village-based solid waste management system (in Atul village) for the first time. It is with great delight and satisfaction that I report to you that the 125 cows given a year ago by Atul Foundation to as many poor families increased their income by three times; the cows valued at ` 66.37 lakhs generated an almost equivalent income of ` 66.04 lakhs for them in one year. Atul Foundation stands firm in its commitment to support the health and well-being of communities, especially the less fortunate. Many families have lost their breadwinners, many children have lost either one or both the parents and many people have lost jobs; they find their future bleak. The Foundation will work to dispel misconceptions about the vaccines amongst the reluctant urban as well as rural people. It will continue to drive a positive change by working relentlessly towards a better society. On behalf of Atul Foundation, I thank all the supporters and well-wishers for their continued support and cooperation. Sincerely, (Vimla Lalbhai) Chairperson