Atul Foundation 2020-21

19 Health: other projects No. Project Location Implementing agency Impact 1. Development of nutrition garden for children - Ankur 116 villages (Gujarat ) AF Supported 4,777 children to develop nutrition gardens in 116 villages of South Gujarat 2. Enhancement of health facilities for rural population 19 villages (Gujarat ) AF | ARDF • Collected 2,750 units of blood through 24 blood camps • Organised 2 eye camps benefitting 951 patients, of whom 727 were provided with spectacles 3. Generation of awareness about anaemia Valsad (Gujarat ) AF Conducted 18 anaemia awareness sessions for 1,655 children in association with 9 schools and 2 primary health centres 4. Generation of awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic Valsad (Gujarat ) AF Conducted an awareness drive to educate 25,000 individuals about the COVID-19 safety protocols 5. Provision of home-based healthcare services for infants and their mothers 39 villages (Maharashtra) AF | Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health Provided home-based care to reduce maternal and child mortality in remote villages 6. Provision of sanitation facilities 2 villages (Gujarat ) AF | ARDF Constructed 34 individual household toilets benefitting about 170 individuals 7. Development of nutrition garden Bharuch (Gujarat ) AF Supported Nari Sanrakshan Gruh to develop a nutrition garden benefitting 32women