Atul Foundation 2020-21

1 Meet Darshana - a class six student from Dabhkhal village of Kaprada, Gujarat - who is visibly elated to see a fully-grown ridge gourd that she nurtured in her backyard. She is a student of Atul Adhyapika Sundariben. We share the happiness and excitement of students like Darshana, who stay in remote villages, and have learnt and experienced the joy of growing vegetables in their backyards through the Ankur project. Atul Nutrition Garden and Ankur are the two major projects, wherein Atul Foundation provided seeds and necessary training to the children and their families to grow nutritious vegetables in their backyards. These projects secured supply of nutritious food for the children and their families, and were a learning experience for them. Contents When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. ~ David Orr Legacy 01 Outreach 13 Identity 03 Operational highlights 14 Purpose and Values 03 Impact assessments 26 Chairperson's foreword 04 Financial highlights 27 Organisation 05 Auditor’s Report 28 Institutions 06 Acknowledgements 35 Footprint 12 Make a difference 36 Introduction to the programs 13