Atul Foundation 2020-21

17 Empowerment: other projects No. Project Location Implementing agency Impact 1. Skill development of youth through vocational training Ozarpada (Gujarat ) AF | ARDF Trained 180 students in 9 vocational trades 2. Provision of training in computer skills and English language skills Atul (Gujarat ) AF | ARDF Trained 12 students in basic computer skills and 16 students in English 3. Empowerment of women through vocational courses Atul (Gujarat ) AF | ARDF Trained 32 women in beauty and styling, and garment making 4. Capacity building of tribal farmers through beekeeping 15 villages (Gujarat ) AF | Under The Mango Tree Society Trained 136 tribal farmers in beekeeping 5. Creation of livelihood opportunities for tribal families by providing cows 4 villages (Gujarat ) AF | BAIF Supported to produce good breed cows through artificial insemination Estimated value of 74 Gir female cows = ` 7.5 lakhs, which were born out of total 125 cows 6. Provision of skills training to youth as apprentices Atul (Gujarat ) Atul Ltd Provided training and employment to 250 youth in Atul, over and above the statutory requirement under the Apprentice Act, 1961