Atul Foundation 2020-21

11 Industrial Training Institutes Adopted: 2011 and 2017 The Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in Khergam, Sagbara, Ankleshwar and Bilimora operate under the public-private partnership model with the Government of Gujarat. The ITIs offer courses for a duration of one to two years in a range of vocations. Atul Club Established: 1995 Atul Club provides quality sport and recreational facilities to residents of Atul and surrounding towns | villages. It offers facilities for badminton, billiards, swimming, table-tennis and also has a well-equipped gymnasium. Utkarsh Established: 1965 Utkarsh provides a platform to promote social and cultural programs for residents of Atul and surrounding villages. It organises music and dance competitions, annual funfairs and cultural events. Ulhas Established: 1961 Ulhas promotes the health and well-being of residents of Atul and surrounding villages. It organises cricket tournaments, inter-village volleyball competitions and marathons.