Atul Foundation 2019-20

18 Annual Report 2019-20 I Atul Foundation Celebrating 125th birth anniversary of Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai Immortality is to live your life doing good things and leaving your mark behind. ~ Brandon Lee To mark the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of our Founder, Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai, Atul Foundation took up 16 social initiatives. Through these initiatives, the Foundation tried to make difference in the lives of the less privileged sections of society in meaningful ways. Out of these 16 initiatives, 13 have been implemented and the remaining three initiatives are under implementation. It is an attempt to pay our sincere tribute to our Founder. donated a cow and a calf to 125 tribal families provided good quality seeds to 125 farmers provided sports kits to 125 primary schools supported 125 needy children developing 125 micro-entrepreneurs supporting 125 critically ill patients