Atul Foundation 2018-19

Much before the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility had evolved into its present form, Atul Ltd (Atul) has been engaged in serving the society with diverse initiatives in the fields of education, health and infrastructure. Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai, the Founder of Atul and an Indian legend, ensured complete commitment to community development andwelfare in every company he established. The primary reason for the establishment of Atul was to generate large scale employment and consequently improve the standard of living in rural India. His passion to give back to the society was reflected in his daily schedule; he spent half a day on growing businesses while the other half was dedicated solely to social service. He appointed Mr Balwantrai Mazumdar, an economist and Mr Siddharth Kasturbhai, his elder son and a chemical engineer, to developAtul, both of whomcontinuedwith the fine legacy. In 1978, Mr Siddharth Kasturbhai laid the foundation of Atul Rural Development Fund in an endeavour to further the rich legacy of his father and bring focus to rural development projects undertaken by Atul. He personally oversaw each project which was being implemented and took keen interest in consistently improving the quality, variety and impact of such projects. Over the years, with an increase in the number and scope of projects related to serving the society, Atul Foundationwas established in 2010 as an umbrella trust of Atul. Legacy 1