Atul Foundation 2018-19

Empowerment Wisdom is knowingwhat to do next, skill is knowing how to do it and virtue is doing it. ~David Jordan Ÿ Trained 794 students to use industrial sewing machine Ÿ Trained 177 students as data entry operators and account assistants Ÿ Trained 152 students as electricians Ÿ Trained 90 students to repair mobile phones Ÿ Trained 63 students to repair computers Ÿ Trained 62 students as bedside assistants Ÿ Trained 54 students as refrigeration and AC technicians Ÿ Trained 47 students as chemical plant process attendants Ÿ Trained 33 students as welders Ÿ Trained 13 students in housekeeping Ÿ Trained 12 students as JCB operators Ÿ Trained 180 students in basic computer skills and 79 students in English No. Project Location Implementing agency Impact 13 Skill development (Development Support Agency, Government of Gujarat) Computer and English language skills Ozarpada (Gujarat) Atul ARDF ARDF 1. 2.