Atul Foundation 2017-18

Implemention agency No Project (partner, if any) Location Impact Ozarpada (Gujarat) 5 villages (Gujarat) Adhyapika: Training to 1 become teachers Women empowerment 3 4 ARDF ARDF · 21 women trained as elementary school teachers, of which, 17 placed in their village school · 23 women under training as Adhyapikas · 76 women trained in garment making · 62 women trained in handicraft and soft toy making · 71 women trained in beauty and styling · 15 women provided employment through spice production Stitching classes at ARDF Hall Implementing agency No Project (partner, if any) Location Impact 12 villages (Gujarat) 24 villages (Gujarat) Atul (Gujarat) Laxmipura (Gujarat) Atul (Gujarat) Individual household toilets Rural health (Valsad Raktdan Kendra; RNC Free Eye Hospital; Valsad Eye Care Hospital and Zenith Doctor House) Sports infrastructure and equipment Medical equipment in a hospital Medical diagnostic 1 facility 1 2 3 4 5 ARDF ARDF ARDF AFT | Gyanmandal Laxmipura Group Prerit Arogya Mandal ARDF · 1,500 families provided with individual household toilets · 2,745 units of blood collected through 27 camps · 3,931 eye patients identified, 3,168 of them provided with spectacles, 363 identified with cataract of which 177 were operated for cataract through 12 eye camps · 126 ENT patients identified, treated and provided with hearing aids · 60 women trained in yoga Sports facilities for villages around Atul Access to improved surgery facilities to the residents of ~50 surrounding villages Access to advanced medical facilities to the population around Atul Health He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. ~ Thomas Carlyle 1 Under implementation General health camp organised by ARDF Annual Report 2017-18 | Atul Foundation