Atul Foundation 2016-17

Mr Siddharth Kasturbhai (1923 - 1998) A chemical engineer, Mr Siddharth Kasturbhai dedicated his life towards the development of Atul conglomerate, according equal value to the creation of wealth and service to the society. The principles he upheld of trusteeship in governance, the personal qualities he lived by, of integrity, perseverance, low profile and simplicity and the single-minded devotion he gave to the tasks on hand will remain a guiding force. Mr Balwantrai Mazumdar (1902 - 1981) An economist, Mr Balwantrai Mazumdar was a voracious reader, sound thinker, patient listener and a farsighted professional. He created an atmosphere of camaraderie that brought out the collective best in the people of Atul. He was the moving force behind making the first site of Atul one of the largest eco-friendly manufacturing facilities of its kind in the world. He remained with the Group till the end of his life as did most of the people who worked with Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai. Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai (1894 - 1980) The legacy of Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai has been synonymous with 3 terms in the broadest sense: excellence, perseverance and trusteeship. Social responsibility must include sympathy, helpfulness and willingness to forego self interest in order to promote the welfare, happiness and contentment of others and of the country as a whole. ~ Kasturbhai Lalbhai Annual Report 2016-17 | Atul Foundation