Atul Foundation 2016-17

Make a difference Even though India is amongst the fastest growing economies in the world, there is a large scope for improving the standard of living of a large section of its citizens. Even today, our country is home to about 25% of underfed population of the world; about 36% of its rural population continues to remain illiterate and about 7% of such population is still living in 'extreme poverty'. It is a call of our times to engage in our own small way to serve our motherland. Ever since inception, Atul Ltd is conducting its business in an inclusive way. Atul Rural Development Fund (ARDF) is working to achieve sustainable development, particularly in the rural areas and help uplift the lives of the underprivileged. ARDF (2016-17 project spend: ` 497.15 lakhs, administration cost: ` 13.90 lakhs) provides a complete account of the funds received for various projects and sends its Annual Report to every donor. If you wish to join in our endeavour of enhancing the standard of living of the less fortunate and are looking for an organisation that will channelise and direct 100% of your contribution to projects at hand, ARDF may be a good option. Given below are some of the projects ARDF is currently implementing. If you wish to sponsor any project(s), please fill this form and send it to Dr Rana Vishnoi, Managing Trustee, ARDF, Atul 396 020, Gujarat, India (E-mail address: Contributions or donations to Atul Rural Development Fund for rural development | skill development projects qualify for 100% tax exemption under Section 35 AC | 80 GGA. 1. I wish to sponsor study material for students for 1 year: Students (Number) Amount (`) Please tick your choice 30 15,000 60 30,000 90 45,000 Other, _____ ____(@ ` 500 per student) 2. I wish to sponsor course(s) for women empowerment: Course(s) (Number) Amount (`) Please tick your choice 1 30,000 2 60,000 3 90,000 Other, _____ ____(@ ` 30,000 per course) 3. I wish to sponsor food for tribal children for 1 month: Tribal children (Number) Amount (`) Please tick your choice 30 50,000 60 1,00,000 90 1,50,000 Other, _____ ____(@ ` 1,700 per child) Annual Report 2016-17 | Atul Foundation