Atul Foundation 2016-17

Relief 11 year old Dhruv Galvi belongs to Panas (Gujarat). He was diagnosed with thalassemia major, 6 months after birth. His mother is well educated. However, she does not work and stays at home to look after him. At times, she lends a hand to her husband in farming. His father works as an accountant and earns a relatively low salary of ` 4,000 per month. It was challenging for the family to commute 60 km to Valsad Raktdan Kendra every 15 days for blood transfusion. So far, he has been infused with 350 blood units. Atul Foundation organises collaborative blood camps and supports free blood transfusion to thalassemia patients, in an endeavour to help families like that of Dhruv. Sona* is a 16 year old girl from Jorukhand (Uttar Pradesh). She belongs to a tribal family making their living by collecting leaves from the forest and selling them. She was enticed and trafficked by the accused on the pretext of a good job opportunity in a different town. Few days later, he sold her to a brothel where she was forced into prostitution and on her refusal, she was physically and mentally tortured by the brothel-keeper and landlord. 5 more girls, also trafficked, were forced into prostitution at the same brothel. When Sona’s parents learned about the miserable condition of their daughter, they approached Guria, a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting child prostitution and trafficking in north India. Staff from the organisation managed to rescue all the 6 minor girls. 2 brothel-keepers were arrested. The accused are now under trial and tireless efforts are being made to ensure that all the girls get justice. Sona is glad to be back home with her family. Atul Foundation is pleased to be associated with such an organisation to prevent exploitation of women. * Names changed Annual Report 2016-17 | Atul Foundation