Atul Foundation 2016-17

Operational highlights During 2016-17, Atul Foundation undertook the following projects: Education No Project Location Implementing agency Impact 1 Infrastructure in Kalyani Shala Atul (Gujarat) Atul Kelavni Mandal 1,750 students provided with better infrastructure facility 2 Books on Indian culture Jaipur (Rajasthan) Atul Foundation Documentation and promotion of traditional knowledge and culture 3 Food in an Ashramshala Pardi (Gujarat) Shree Vallabh Seva Kendra 185 children provided with wholesome food 4 Books to school libraries Valsad (Gujarat) Atul Foundation 2,220 books distributed in 30 school libraries 5 Rural education 13 villages (Gujarat) Atul Rural Development Fund • 2,735 students in 23 primary schools provided with study material • 87 students in an Ashramshala provided with wholesome food • 55 students participated in vacation hobby camps • 270 students benefited through establishment of a school library Classroom activities in Atul Vidyamandir 11